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How Second Mortgages Work - The Basics

When thinking about first and second mortgages, the meaning of first and second comes down to the position on title to the house.  A first mortgage will be in first position, and a second mortgage in second, there are even third mortgages.  First mortgages....

2015 Home Buyers Guide

The Key to Your Dreams

A Comprehensive guide to home ownership

How Fixed and Variable Mortgages are Priced

or the most part, Fixed Mortgage Rates follow the bond market.  A 5 year Fixed Mortgage will follow the 5 year bond, and a 10 year Fixed will follow the 10 year bond, and so on.  Bonds are primarily driven by economic factors, such as unemployment, exports, and inflation.  Fixed rates....

Fixed Vs Variable Rate Mortgages

Just lock in a rate like that for the next five years, and you’ve got it made.

Not so fast. Right now, the lowest available rate – and the one that makes the rate sign look great from the street – will be for a variable mortgage. With a variable rate mortgage, your.....

Second Mortgages

In the past, second mortgages were associated with high rates and restrictive terms.  Only those really in debt need a second mortgage - right?  Not Necessarily...

Home Buyers Plan

Thinking about buying your first home? Wish you had saved up a good down payment?

Maybe you have, but didn’t know it.  First-time homebuyers can tap their RRSPs to help with a home purchase.....

Spousal Separation Mortgage

Going through a separation or divorce? Your home can be the asset that gives both partners a fresh start.  Spousal Separation Mortgages Allow One Partner to "buy" The Home.....

6 Reasons to use a Mortgage Broker

6 Reasons to use a Mortgage Broker.  For many people, mortgage payments are their single largest expense. Yet, when financing a home, most Canadians don’t comparison shop to ensure they’re getting the best mortgage rate......

Self Employed Mortgage

While freelancers, contractors, entrepreneurs and small business owners are considered an excellent and reliable customer group, it’s not always easy for someone who is self-employed to get mortgage financing.  Mortgage brokers work with self-employed Canadians every day....

Purchase Plus Improvements

Purchase Plus Improvements, also known just as Improvements Mortgage gives you the ability to borrow 10% extra for renovations.  Here's how it works...  Looking to purchase a home, but it needs a little TLC?  Maybe it's a fixer upper?  There is a little known program which CMHC and ......

Mortgage Default Insurance

What is Mortgage Default Insurance?  Commonly known as "CMHC"  Mortgage Default Insurance is designed to help homeowners in need, during temporary financial difficulties, caused by an unexpected life event  There are currently 3 companies who offer mortgage default insurance.....

Mortgage Closing Costs

You’ve come up with a down payment, searched for a good lawyer, and have found a reputable mortgage broker. Well done! You’re off to a great start in the house purchase process. Keep in mind that you’ll also be facing -- in addition to the expected legal fees and moving costs -- a few extra payouts when the final deal is done. Knowing about these “closing costs” in advance....

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