COVID-19 Relief - No Mortgage Payments for 1 year*


The pandemic has placed an unprecedented strain on mortgage holders, who struggle to pay their mortgage, bills, property taxes, and other debts as businesses are forced to close and they lose their jobs.  This product is also available for self employed business owners!


We have a select group of mortgage lenders who are currently willing to accept applications with :


-No Income / No Job Requirement - No Proof of Income

-Good or Bad Credit

-In Winnipeg, and select surrounding areas

-Pure, 100% Equity Lending

-Rates starting at 4.99% - (rates are determined by equity)


We Understand How Covid-19 Affects Mortgage Borrowers Custom Solutions To Stop the Foreclosure Process, Refinance, And get you Back On Track with an Affordable Payment

Example of a COVID-19 Relief Mortgage



Current Mortgage and Debt Scenario

House Value - $400,000


Current 1st mortgage - $200,000 - Payment of $1000 per month

Mortgage Arrears - $4000

Property Tax Arrears - $2000 - Payment of $400 per month

Credit Card Debt - $20,000 - Payment of $800 per month

Car Loan - $32,000 - Payment of $800 per month


Total Debt Load - $258,000

Total Monthly Payment - $3000 per month


Borrower has lost their job due to COVID-19, and EI is only paying $1600 per month.  Borrower can not afford to keep their home.



New Mortgage Setup - 1 year no payments*


New Mortgage of $300,000

Lending Fees - 5%

Rate of 8.95%

Monthly payment of $2240 - PrePaid - No Monthly Payment from Borrower

Payoff existing 1st mortgage and all debts, $258,000


Borrower now has no monthly payment on mortgage for 1 year.  Other debts are paid off.     Monthly payment is $0.



Borrower can now focus on staying safe,

and seeking new employment when the time is right!




*OAC.  Subject to equity availability.  Rates and fees are example and subject to change based on individual scenario.

Do any of these situations look like yours?

Whether you have perfect credit, or have serious credit issues, we can help.


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